Spadina Subway, Toronto, Canada

Spadina station consists of two separate sections, one for each line, at the same level and 150 meters apart. The north-south platforms were originally planned as a separate station called Lowther, but the Toronto Transit Commission decided to join it to the existing east-west station with a foot tunnel containing a pair of long moving walkway, presumably to eliminate the cost of staffing the north-south station. The cost of the moving walkways themselves became an issue when they became due for refurbishment or replacement, and they were shut down in 2004 and removed in the latter part of the year leaving the corridor as a simple underground walkway. The former location of the moving walkways remains visible because the tiles used to cover the moving walkway sites are noticeably different. Warnings to hold the handrails still hang on the walls where the ends of the moving walkways were once located.

The station structure on the east side of Spadina Rd. just north of Bloor St. which currently serves as the loop for the 127 Davenport bus was built concurrent with the construction of the Spadina Subway to serve as a looping facility for the 77 Spadina bus.