Pearson International Airport, Toronto, CANADA

Project Owner/Client : GTAA
Architects : Airport Architects Inc.

The first terminal was built in 1938 and consisted of a standard frame terminal building from a converted farm house. The original airport covered 420 acres (1.7 km2) with full lighting, radio, weather reporting equipment, two hard surface runways and one grass landing strip.

A second terminal, similar to the existing structure at the Toronto City Centre Airport, was built along Airport Road in 1949 to replace the first terminal (converted farm house). It was able to handle 400,000 passengers a year, and had an observation deck on the roof. Further expansion of the airport saw the expropriation of land to the south of Elmbank Side Road and westwards past Torbram to Dixie Road. The airport’s growth eventually leads to the disappearance of much of the town, Elmbank. Transport Canada obtained control of Malton Airport in 1958, and the airport was renamed Toronto International Airport in 1960.