Downtown Jebel Ali Dubai, UAE

Project Owner/Client : Bovis Lend Lease / Burt Hill
Duration : 2005 – 2009
Cost : US $ 12 billion

Bustling, energetic Urban Centers will be characterized by distinctive modern towers and grand covered spaces. These centers will represent the commercial and social hub of each zone. In addition to well designed office and residential spaces there will be a rich selection of cafes, restaurants and shops which will give each of the zones a distinct and vibrant character of its own. A combination of shaded arcades and ingenious architecture will create a comfortable, lively environment, day and night. Downtown Jebel Ali is a community designed for how people want to live. Around 200,000 people can walk to work, enjoy great shopping, relax and socialize, with landscaped outdoor spaces making up a considerable 50% of the total area.