Crystal Cathedral of Commerce

For those who enjoy contemporary architecture, the jewel of BCE Place is the amazing Allen Lambert Galleria. This six-story pedestrian thoroughfare, measuring 85 feet high, 45 feet wide and 360 feet long (24x14x110 meter), has been dubbed the “crystal cathedral of commerce” and its design was the result of an international competition.

The winner, Santiago Calatrava of Spain, makes amazing use of glass and light in this building which has become one of the most photographed in Toronto. The Galleria is six stories high and is comprised of eight freestanding steel supports on either side of the Galleria. The supports branch out into parabolic shapes and seem to resemble the canopy of a forest.

The 12 surviving historic buildings have been incorporated into the complex and serve a variety of different purposes. For example, the old Bank of Montreal building now houses Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame, which is a must see for any avid hockey fan.

While the offices at BCE Place are home to many financial institutions and other important Toronto companies, visitors will love the vast variety of retail stores located on the concourse and ground levels in addition to a number of fast food eateries and traditional sit-down restaurants located there as well.