Berkeley Institute Senior Secondary School Pembroke Bermuda

On June 29th 2001 Dowco Consultants Ltd. was awarded a contract from R~CO Steel Fabricators Ltd. of Bowmansville, Ontario to detail the Structural Steel for the new Berkeley Institute Senior Secondary School located in Pembroke, Bermuda.

We were working on this major project, which consists of the main school, the gymnasium and central plant. The school is 9 buildings around a centre open courtyard consisting of hip and valley design with the recognizable dormer feature of a typical island project. The project is scheduled to be completely built and ready for occupancy for the September 2003 term.

A further contract was added in February 2002 to detail the gymnasium. The main school is approximately 1583 tons of structural steel while the gymnasium is another 202 tons.

This project was a unit price contract and as always we have had to get numerous clarifications regarding the design details. Relevant information was missing due to only partially complete design drawings.

The school along with the Gymnasium consists of approximately 6400 drafting hours.

At the peak of this project we had 12 employees working on it producing well over 4000 detail drawings.