Our fire protection engineers have systematic approach to fire protection system design needs of your projects. We assess. We conceptualize. We simplify. We deliver. In short, we design to code compliance.

We don’t just design sprinkler and fire alarm systems. We design fire protection systems with a total building approach familiarizing ourselves with the whole building, inside and out, to deliver a more cost-effective system design based on our complete understanding of the building’s overall fire and life safety features and needs.

Our Fire Protection System Design Portfolio is simplified as;

  1. Detection & Notification
    • Addressable & Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
    • Voice Evacuation & Mass Notification Systems
  2. Suppression & Extinguishing
    • Automatic Sprinkler
    • Wet & Dry Standpipe
    • Other Water Based Extinguishing System
    • Water mist
    • Foam
    • Clean agent suppression
    • Special hazards protection
    • Fire pump
    • Fire Hydrants and Monitors

Our philosophy is to ensure that fire protection systems are installed as designed – to comply with project specifications, applicable codes and local regulations.